Organic Farm House between Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

Where the Sorrento Peninsula ends with Punta Campanella, it leaves the magnificent views over the Bay of Naples and move you onto the enchanting Gulf of Salerno with the amazing Amalfi Coast.
Nerano, a small fishing village near the famous Bay of Jeranto, one of the most beautiful villages of Massa Lubrense, inspired Guglielmo the organic cultivation of vegetables, fruit, olives and citrus, giving priority to the traditional "Lemon Massese".
The first specialised lemon groves on the Sorrento Peninsula were the work of the Jesuit fathers, who created an ad hoc farm in 1600 in a basin between Sorrento and Massalubrense. It is here that they made an ecotype of variety defined as the Ovale di Sorrento, Massese or Massalubrense lemon. Its characteristics of high quality earned the Sorrento Lemon IGP recognition (Protected Geographical Indication) in November 2000.

With the valuable help of the old farmer Peppino which takes care with skill, attention and wealth of our produces.
The freshness and quality of raw materials, excellent for cooking and for processing in preserves, jams, olive oil and spirits, enhance the products of which our guests can taste and/or purchase them directly in the farm.
All the products are proudly exposed in the dining room of the Villarena Restaurant and in the "Farisani" Old Cellar to delight our guests which say that only in Sorrento, lemons, tomatoes, olives, artichokes and... all the produces and preserves have a fragrance, flavour, color and unique goodness.
All credit is certainly not only the Earth, the Sun, the Sea breeze, the passion and skills, love and care since the budding of these delicacies.

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