The ancient Poseidonia was founded by greeks in the 6th century.In the 4th century was named paestum and in 273 B.C. it was taken by the Romans. In the archaeological park is possible to admire the miracoculous survival of the temples of Poseidon, Cerere and even the Basilica. Temples unsurpassed even by those of Athens. It is nowadays one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy but it was discovered by chance around 1750.

The Temple of Neptune is overwhelming, it was constructed in 450 B.C. in Doric style. Today the temple is better preserved than the Pantheon in Athens.

The 5 km long walls are one of the best preserved fortified structures in all Magna Grecia.

In summer You can choice the Night Trails a fantastic way to visit the temples and the archaeological park under the moonlight.
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